Uncover the freelance mystery

Follow My Lead from Day 0 to SIX FIGURES in 12 Months or Less.
Your Roadmap to Escape the 9-5 Grind Awaits! 🚐💨

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Instead, ride shotgun with me on a 100K freelance adventure – Your VIP Pass to freedom, success, and no more ‘what-ifs!

Get inside access to pure FREELANCE FURY, strategic maneuvers, and ACTION plus EXTRA resources, tools, templates, and a tribe of like-minded rebels ready to tear down the 9-5 walls. All for the cool price of $9/month.

Yes, you read that right. It’s cheaper than that fancy latte you’re sipping on! ☕

I see that weariness in

your eyes

Is it from...

❌ That GUT-WRENCHING Sunday night feeling, knowing Monday is one beeping alarm away 🕰️

❌ Missing life's beautiful moments 'cause your work's GOT YOU CHAINED to the desk ⛓️

❌ Being PAID PEANUTS and feeling like an elephant's trying to balance on your back 🐘

❌ The CONSTANT WORRY about layoffs, office politics, or the next merger game 😱

❌ Those ENDLESS MEETINGS about meetings that lead to... you guessed it, more meetings! 🤯

❌ That SINKING FEELING in your gut, saying "Is this really all there is?" 🤔💔

Now you're looking to build a life where YOU'RE the boss, where YOU set the rules, and where YOU decide what's urgent.

(hint: it's probably not that email your boss sent after 5pm)

You want to escape

the 9-5 so…

You tried those online courses that promise riches

BUTyour wallet ended up thinner, and the only thing you got rich in was frustration 😤

Then you thought about hiring the "guru" with teeth too white to trust

BUT when you saw all those zeros (seriously, why so many?) - your wallet said, "Yeah, NOPE!"

Next you considered going back to school for a fancy degree

BUT didn't want to go into debt and realized that a piece of paper doesn’t translate into a rocking online business, unless that piece of paper is a winning lottery ticket. 💸

So then you started watching every YouTube video available

BUT got overwhelmed with TOO MUCH information that you didn't know where to start. Now you're still in the hamster wheel of the 9-5 grind.

You even thought about selling everything and moving to a deserted island

BUT you realized Wi-Fi might be an issue and you're not so great with coconuts 🏝️🥥

You've hustled, stumbled, and nearly crumbled, but here you are, still searching for that golden ticket to freedom. Well, guess what?

Your search ends HERE.



Get live learning, on-demand training, tools, templates & support for only $9/month! 🎉💥

P.S. You won’t need coconuts where we’re going… unless you want to make piña coladas to celebrate your success! 🍹

— About Me

time to tell

your 9-5 to

kick rocks

Hey, you daydreamin’ office warriors! Ever caught yourself doodling “I QUIT” in the margins of a meeting agenda? 

What if you could stop grinding your life away in that soul-sucking 9-5 and start raking in that DOUGH freelancing instead?

I’m Erica. Three years back, I jumped into freelancing with all the grace of a cat on a hot tin roof. It was cool at first. I felt the freedom, the thrill! But then, like a moth to a flame, I got distracted.

Shiny objects. Everywhere. 🌟

Gurus with secret formulas? Yep. Courses promising easy street? Uh-huh. Get-rich-quick schemes? Oooh boy, did I bite. And while I’ve enjoyed the luxury of being a digital nomad, making a full-time online income (and catching some rad sunsets), I gotta admit…

I strayed from the path, chasing glitter instead of gold. 🏃‍♀️

But let’s get real for a sec: If I could do it all over again? No doubt, I’d have stuck out the freelance life. Why? ‘Cause it’s the FASTEST, CHEAPEST ticket out of the 9-to-5 grind. And who doesn’t want to skip the queue, am I right?

So now, I’m puttin’ on my big girl boots, strapping in, and I’m doing this thing. Twelve months of going back to my freelance roots, and I’m inviting YOU along for the ride. 🎢

Imagine waving bye-bye to your boss, working in your PJs, and never hearing the word “synergy” again. Heaven, right?

Over the next YEAR, I’m gonna explode my freelance income to 100 GRAND. And here’s the kicker… I WANT YOU to come backstage with me for the wildest ride of your life! READY?

Yeah, that’s right… YOU! 🚀

1 k

take a peek inside

9 to freelance

Untitled (2240 × 610 px) (1)

Join me as I grow my freelance income to 100K in 12 months or less 🚐💨



🔥A solid game plan to hit your income targets

🔥Confidence that comes from REAL, tested strategies, not just inspo quotes

​🔥A treasure chest of resources that make your freelance life a breeze, not a brainfreeze

🔥​A crystal-clear vision of your brand's future, kinda like a crystal ball but less woo-woo

Weekly Results & Recaps

Treat your freelancing journey like a blockbuster series, complete with plot twists and character development. Each week is another thrilling episode, helping you understand what’s bangin’ and what’s bunk in the freelance world. 📊

Shake off the fear of going it alone without needing to hire a pricey business coach or sift through endless online courses. Consider these recaps your cheat sheet to what’s actually working in the game. 📝

And don’t sweat it—using this feature is as easy as streaming your favorite binge-worthy show. Just log in, tune in, and get the deets. No PhD in Data Analysis needed, ‘kay? 🤓

EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes Access

You get to see the grind in all its glory—no filter, no fluff. It’s like catching your fave band unplugged, only here, every song is dedicated to you and your hustle. 🎸

Worried you’ll get overwhelmed with info you don’t need? Pssh, nah. Get this: you’ll see the real, raw journey without the smoke and mirrors that make everything look too dang easy. 🚫🔮

Using this feature is simpler than sliding into someone’s DMs. Just hit ‘Play’ and you’re inside the journey—sweat, tears, and all those oh-so-sweet victories. 📺🏆

Members-Only Deep Dive Lives

Here’s the scoop: this feature exists so that you can take that 101 knowledge and crank it up to a full-on masterclass. We’re talking layers, baby—like a cake, but for your brain. 🧠🍰

Concerned you’re gonna get some rehearsed, robotic spiel? Think again! These deep dives cut the BS, offering you a personalized touch without the generic, recycled mumbo jumbo you could find on a random YouTube channel. 🚫🤖

Using this feature is like having a backstage pass to your fave show. You’re not just another face in the crowd; you’re in the VIP lounge, sipping on insights as smooth as top-shelf tequila. 🍸

The Vault: Access To The Archives

This bad boy’s here so that you can revisit the classics, the chart-toppers, and the hidden gems. It’s like having the greatest hits of freelancing wisdom at your fingertips. You get to binge on timeless strategies so that you’re never stuck with FOMO. 🤘

“But what if it’s outdated stuff?” you ask. This ain’t some attic full of irrelevant knick-knacks. You’re getting timeless gems without the need to scour the internet’s sketchy alleyways for advice. 🚫💀

Using The Vault is a cinch. It’s like Netflix, but instead of zoning out to another sitcom, you’re zooming into your empire-building playbook. 📺📘

community & engagement

Wanna be part of a crew that fuels your fire rather than extinguishing it? 🔥



🔥A network of go-getters who’ll high-five you digitally and emotionally

🔥Real-world challenges that give you those "aha!" moments without the $997 sales pitch at the end

​🔥Strategies so hands-on they practically come with their own toolbox

🔥​Connections that could lead to collabs, partnerships, or just a really good meme exchange


These bad boys are here so that you can spice up your freelance life with a lil’ friendly competition. Think of it as your gym, but instead of lifting weights, you’re lifting your biz to new heights. 💪🚀

Nervous you’ll just get left in the dust? Stop that noise! These challenges are designed to push ya without making you feel like a total n00b. We’re all about that balance. 🤹‍♀️

Using Community Challenges is a cinch. Seriously, it’s like turning a double-dog dare into a career-boosting move. Click, compete, conquer. 🐾👑

Members Only Special Events

These aren’t your garden-variety webinars; we’re talkin’ Profile Power Hours, Hotseat Interviews, Montly Masterclasses and Live Strategy Sessions so that you can get a 360° view of the freelance life—from branding to strategy, from mindset to money. 

Dreading another snoozefest with a PowerPoint? Nada here! We’re flippin’ the script, delivering you next-level experiences without the cookie-cutter corporate dullness. 🍪🔪

Joining these Special Events is like snagging front-row seats at your favorite concert. You don’t just watch; you become part of the show. 🎸🤘

private fb group access

This VIP area is open 24/7 so that you’re never flying solo on this freelance adventure. We’re rolling out the digital red carpet so that you can vibe with like-minded hustlers in a judgement-free zone. Think of it like the VIP lounge at a killer party—good music, better company, and top-shelf advice on tap. 🍻🎵

Nervous about noise? This is a curated, drama-free space where you can be your awesome self without dealing with keyboard warriors or spammy sales pitches. 🚫⌨️

Using this Private Lounge is as easy as sliding into your fave pair of sweatpants after a long day. You’re one click away from mingling with like-minded hustlers, all from the comfort of, well, wherever! 🛋️🌎

resources & swag

The Swiss Army knife in a freelancer's toolkit 🛠️💅



🔥A library of tutorials that's your personal Google, but just for freelancing. No more sifting through BS!

🔥Templates and scripts that make client communication as smooth as that first sip of morning coffee

​🔥Time-saving tutorials that turn complicated tasks into a walk in the park

🔥​Swag that’s not just eye-candy but also a badge of honor in the freelance community

Resource Library

Picture this: It’s your one-stop shop so that you can quit Googling yourself into oblivion and start ACTUALLY getting stuff done. It’s like having a Mary Poppins bag for your biz, endless and oh-so-magical. 🌂✨ Our library is packed with templates, scripts, spreadsheets, tools, tricks and step-by-step tutorials. 📚💻

Think it’s just some random PDFs we found? Nah, honey. We’re serving you exclusive, straight-from-the-trenches intel without the info overload or sketchy download links. 🙅‍♀️🕵️‍♀️

Using this Resource Library is like having an all-you-can-eat buffet that’s actually good for you. One click, and you’re nom-nom-nomin’ on tasty morsels of freelance goodness. 🍽️😋

Members Only Merch Shop

This exclusive swag is designed so that you can wear your hustle on your sleeve, literally. Imagine being a walking billboard for your own badassery. 🤘🔥 

Worried about lame designs? Please, you’re scoring top-notch threads without the cringe of corporate tees that never fit right. 🙄👕

Rocking our Members-Only Merch is like having a VIP badge you never take off. It’s not just clothes; it’s a statement. 📣🎗️

Virtual Hugs & Community Support

This feature exists so that you’re not just building a freelance empire—you’re building it with a tribe who’s got your back. It’s like having a squad of cheerleaders, minus the pom-poms and high kicks. 📣🚫

Worried it’s all gonna be fake “you go, girl!” kinda stuff? Naah, we’re deeper than a well of wisdom here. Genuine support, without the sugar-coated empty calories of fake friends. 🍭🙅‍♀️

Experiencing our virtual hugs & community support is like having a safety net made of warm, fluffy clouds. You can take those leaps and know you won’t crash and burn. ☁️🛡️

Special Bonus!


pricelock + access

future course

& updates

I'll be turning the replays into a full blown flagship course that will be sold for $869.50
As a founding member, you'll get FREE lifetime access.

OH, AND these too!

Join the 9 to Freelance Private Community

Get ready to rub elbows with the coolest crew this side of the internet. Welcome to a community where networking isn't just handshakes and business cards, but a genuine camaraderie that feels like a giant group hug! 🤗

🔥Networking: Connect with fellow freelancers, swap stories, and find collaborators for projects that'll make you the talk of the town!

🔥Exchanges: Trade skills, insights, and knowledge, like a digital barter system of awesomeness!

🔥Accountability: No more lone wolf mode; we're all in this together. Keep each other on track and celebrate victories like the world's best cheerleading squad!

🔥Motivation: Feeling down? Our community's got the pep talks that'll get you back on your feet faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer!

Wrap Yourself in 9 to Freelance Support

Buckle up, 'cause this is where the magic gets REAL. Our support is like your secret weapon stash – always ready to deliver the goods when you need 'em most.

🔥Learn-As-I-Do Dynamic - Peek over my shoulder and soak up the wisdom. It’s like cooking with a friend who's whipping up a killer recipe; no chef's hat, just real moves. 🍳📚

🔥Follow-Along Freedom - Get the roadmap and decide your own pace. Think GPS with a chill vibe, not a drill sergeant barking orders. 🗺️🚗

🔥Questions? We Gotchu - Stuck? Confused? Or just curious? Hit us up. Our support is like a really good bra: uplifting, not constricting. 🤔👙

🔥We’re In This Together - No, it's not a coaching program, but it's like having a mentor's playbook left open on your desk. You see how we navigate, and you learn the ropes. 🗺️👀

2 Types of Freedom


9-5ers with Big Dreams

You’re clocking in, but your mind's somewhere else. On a beach. With a laptop. And maybe a margarita. 🏖️💻🍹

You're eager to take on the freelance world but don't know Upwork from your elbow. 🤷‍♀️ No worries! We've got your back.

Here's how you'll benefit:

🔥No more flying blind! You get to peek over our shoulder as we show you how it's done from Day 0.

🔥We've packed this Membership with resources that'll take you from "What's freelancing?" to "I'm the BOSS!"

🔥Save your hard-earned cash from going down the drain on schemes that overpromise and underdeliver.

🔥No FOMO here! You'll be clued in on the best tools, practices, and all the secret sauce.

🔥Connect with a supportive community that understands your journey and will cheer you on every step of the way.

The Side-Hustlers

You’ve dipped your toes in the freelance pool, maybe even made a splash. But now you’re looking to cannonball into the deep end of full-time freedom. 💦🎯

This Membership isn't just for newbies.

Here's how you'll benefit:

🔥Revamp your hustle with fresh strategies that even Google hasn't indexed yet.

🔥Break through plateaus and push boundaries with monthly resources that keep you on the cutting edge.

🔥Dive into community coaching sessions to fine-tune your skills, conquer your challenges, and skyrocket your confidence.

🔥Meet your new networking goldmine, where collabs and partnerships are the daily specials.

🔥Add more notches to your freelancer belt with our game-changing resources and members-only perks.

Oh, and for the “just-curious, love-to-watch” folks out there—hey, no judgment. 🍿👀

if you're saying to yourself, but erica...

I've bought *all the things*

none of them helped me

why do I need 9 to freedom?

Then let me tell you this...

For less than a Happy Meal at McDonalds you'll be taking steps to finally CONTROL. YOUR. LIFE.


FREEDOM to choose your projects, hours & pay

CASH in the bank, not just in your dreams

SUPPORT from likeminded community

TIME with family and friends

JOY in your work, every single day

KNOWLEDGE to grow and succeed

CONFIDENCE to take on any challenge

PEACE of mind, knowing you are finally in control


TOTAL VALUE: PRICELESS (seriously, it's A LOT!)

today's price - only $9

Frequently asked


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s not coaching; it’s a learn-as-I-do experience. Think of it as a cooking show, but instead of lasagna, we’re cooking up freedom. 🍝🗽

Nada! Zilch! Whether you’re still navigating the maze of corporate life or you’ve just dipped your toes into freelancing, there’s something here for everyone. 🗺️🤓

We’ll be droppin’ some knowledge bombs on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn—for FREE. Consider it a sneak peek or, ya know, the trailer to an epic saga. 🎬🎥

But hold on to your freedom-loving socks! Our paying members will get access to private live streams that are too hot for the general public. Think of it as the VIP lounge of live streaming. 🥂✨ These golden nuggets will only be served up in our members-only Facebook group. Missed it? No sweat. Replays will be slidin’ into your learning portals and organized in Facebook guides for that “OMG, where was this all my life?” kinda convenience. 📚🔍

From exclusive content to live deep dives, weekly recaps, community challenges, and even access to our members-only swaggerific merch—imagine it’s like Disneyland but for freelancers. 🎡💻

And hey, we’re not about that FOMO life. As soon as you join, you’ll unlock the magical realm of our learning portal and resource library. 🗝️📚 It’s chock-full of replays and resources up to the very nanosecond you became part of the cool kids club. Instant gratification, anyone? 🙌

And don’t forget about our exclusive Facebook group. You can dive right in like it’s the deep end of a freedom pool. 🏊‍♀️🗽 Time to get started and let the hustle party begin! 🎊💪

The goal is to rocket from day 0 to 100K in 12 months or less. Yep, you read that right. One. Year. Or. Less. 🚀💰

So what’s the end game here? Hitting that sweet $55/hr mark consistently and confidently, baby! That’s the golden ticket to six figures—even after UpWork takes its lil’ nibble. 🎫💵

But hey, ya girl wants the full-on BRAGGING rights, ya know? So don’t be shocked if I keep the party going even after reaching the $55/hr milestone. It’s all about that cha-ching with a cherry on top! 🍒💸

I offer both! You can either pay in full like a high roller (and get 2 months for free) or roll with monthly payments. Your wallet, your rules. 💰🔄

If you’re not satisfied within the first 7 days, we’ve got your back. Simply reach out, and we’ll refund your money. No questions, no quizzes, no “what’s your spirit animal?”—just your cash back if things aren’t vibing. It’s like dating but with an easy ‘unmatch’ button. 🤳💔 So you can swipe right on us with zero stress! 😘💯

Not at all! I’ll break down complex topics into easy-to-follow steps. Plus, our templates and guides ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Absolutely! Millions of freelancers are thriving online, and you can join them. While success depends on various factors, our program equips you with the tools to take your freelancing career to the next level.

Good vibes are always welcome! Popcorn munchers and freedom-curious peepers, pull up a seat. 🍿😎

7 day

money back


1 %

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

I hear your skepticism, and I'm here to lay it all out.

I’m not here to milk your wallet.

We start with a $9/month mini membership designed to help you get established and see those early wins.

No hidden mastermind or massive courses to upsell you into; just a straightforward offer to join our $49/month extra support program when you’re ready to turn up the heat and supercharge your journey.

The catch? No catch. That’s it. Not convinced?

Here’s a little extra insight into why I keep the price so low ➡️

Ready to start?

Your one-way ticket to freedom, fun, and the freelancing big leagues. 🎟️🎉

Remember: You've got 7 days to sip and see if this is your kinda brew. Cheers! 🥂💋

— I get it, you're curious.

why is this

only $9?

Been There, Burnt That
I've walked the path you're treading, and let's just say, I've tasted the bitterness of courses that promised the world but delivered disappointment. I refuse to be the cause of that sinking feeling in your journey. My goal is to be your beacon of guidance, not another roadblock.
No Low-Effort, High-Ticket Schemes Here
Ever crossed paths with those "charge the most, show up the least" folks? Yeah, not my style. It's not about making money just for the sake of it. I want to help you create a transformation that wildly exceeds every penny spent.
Freedom & Fulfillment Trump Money
Sure, making money is vital, but what about the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment that freelancing brings? Those are the true gems that sparkle in this journey. Remember, I'm not just about helping you earn; I'm about helping you LIVE.
No Gatekeeping Here
I left my 9-5 because of health issues and the need for flexibility. I want to help others escape similar situations without money holding them back. I'd rather help thousands at a price they can afford than line my own pockets selling just to those who are financial blessed. Karma, baby!

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