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Learn How To Maximize Jasper, an AI Writing Assistant, to Create Easy Blog Posts

It’s not difficult to imagine a world where AI can write blogs on your behalf – in fact, automated blogging is already happening!

Meet Jasper, my AI writing assistant, who writes the majority of the content you’ll find on this site.

Jasper is an all-inclusive content creation AI machine, meaning he can do so much more than just write blog posts. He can create social media updates, product descriptions for your eCommerce site, video scripts that are ready for voiceover talent, website copywriting and so much more!

AI-driven content creation is the future of online marketing, and with Jasper’s help I’m able to create content that is more creative at a head-spinning pace.

Since using Jasper , I no longer have to face writer’s block or creative burnout. Jasper assists me in researching the topic and creating an outline, which makes the writing process much easier overall. Additionally, Jasper helps me to optimize my content for keywords, ensuring that my articles are high-quality and search-engine friendly.

Jasper has made it easy for me to create high-quality content quickly and easily.

In this post I’ll go into detail about what Jasper does for me from start to finish so you can see firsthand how AI can automate content creation – saving you tons of time and effort.

This post is a tutorial for beginner Jasper users, so if you haven’t joined the AI revolution yet, this is a great place to start! The link below will give you 10,000 free words to follow along with the tutorial below.

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I may earn a commission if you try it, love it + buy it.

Automated Blogging in 20 Minutes with Jasper

If you are new to Jasper and have been feeling discouraged about your output or the learning curve, this post is for you.

There are times when I spend hours on deep research and creating a thoughtful outlines for my blog posts, but there are also times when I just generate something relevant to my niche and audience with no research or plan, and it’s still a hit!

Here is the 2300-word article I wrote (in 20 minutes) using Jasper, that I’ll be walking you through the steps on below. Take a read and let me know if you can tell it was written by artificial intelligence.

17 Pinterest Strategies to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic (2022)

Automated Blogging In 20 Minutes With Ai Writing Tool (2023) Automated Blogging

Find Your Topic

Start with a list of sub-topics within your niche that you have expertise or knowledge in or that will not require much research.

Let Jasper help you brainstorm if you’re struggling:

>create a list of subniche topics for X (generate that sucker a few times, and you’re off to the races)

When brainstorming topics, use Jasper to help you expand upon ideas to find low-research driven topics. For example, if you run a blog about entrepreneurs and small business owners (like I do), marketing is an easy topic to write about without doing a lot of heavy research.

Need some help from Jasper?

>create a list of topics related to (subniche)


>create a list of blog article ideas related to X

Stick to topics that you’re familiar with, and use Jasper’s suggestions to generate ideas. You can save ones you like but don’t use for later.

From that point, I just think about what kind of content would be useful to my readers who want to learn about marketing but won’t require a lot of research (or validating research) on my end.

When I find a topic I like, I copy the title and paste it into the title box as well as create an H1 with it at the top of my document.

I enter my brief. (More on this later).I enter my tone of voice. (More on this later.)

Write Your Post

And then I just hit compose beneath the title. No commands. Just compose.

You want to create an intro that reflects your voice and style. This will help set the tone for the rest of the piece. You may have to erase and regenerate a few times until you get it right. It’s worth taking the extra time (and words) to get this part right.

After getting the intro right, we’ve probably been writing for about five minutes.

I then use the compose button for Jasper to generate content and make small modifications as needed. I don’t rewrite, just regenerate. I scans content as he writes for relevance and tone, making sure it all fits together. If something doesn’t fit, I’ll erase it and regenerate. Occasionally I will “seed” a sentence for him if I know I want him to go a specific direction, such as, “One of the benefits of…” and then hit generate.

I move some paragraphs around to structure the post to my liking and create headings that becomes obvious to me as Jasper generates for my topic.

Once I’m happy with the output, I just create an H2 called Conclusion, and Jasper knows what to do. He wraps up my post.

Clean Up Your Post

From here, I rework the original headline running this command at the end of my blog post:

>create a list of headlines based on the above

My headline ends up a combination of a suggestion from Jasper along with me adding in aspects I like for SEO (number at the front, power/emotion word, year at the end, etc.)

I format and add in headings. I find opportunities to seed affiliate products/links. These are the only parts of the post that I really am writing independently.

You may remember I mentioned picking a topic with low research requirements. If you look through the article Jasper wrote for me, there’s only 3 stats mentioned that I’ll need to verify with a quick Google search.

Within 20 minutes, I have an awesome 2300-word article that’s relevant to my audience and a new piece of great content for my site.

Automated Blogging In 20 Minutes With Ai Writing Tool (2023) Automated Blogging
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Jasper Tone of Voice and Briefs

If you read my article and thought, “When I compose it looks nothing like that!” — it’s all in your tone of voice and brief settings.

If you’re not using the Jasper Nation Facebook Group, you need to run there now. It has over 50K users with hundreds of posts, comments and activities happening there daily. It is a treasure trove of tips, resources and helpful users (myself included!)

Use the search feature in this group and look up the word “Mimic” — you’ll find Jim Nightingayle’s super handy recipe.

This was a game changer for me. I provided samples of my own voice and writing style and let this recipe help me identify other people who have a similar style to me. I then started experimenting with the tone of voice options.

Pro tip: I have had better luck using a person than a word. (Mike Tyson vs. Confident) Find a person who has a lot of online written content (2019 and before) – to do this take the mimic suggestions a step further and ask Jasper what authors or bloggers have a similar style to the celebrities he suggests.

I took samples of writing that I liked and asked Jasper to describe the style to me. I then used that information to create a brief for my own writing. So if, for example, he says, “This writer uses short, direct sentences that are easy for the reader to understand. They use vivid imagery words and a serious tone.” Then use that in your brief:

“Write a blog post about X in third person perspective about ABC. Write in short, direct sentences that are easy for the reader to understand. Use vivid imagery words and a serious tone.”

Play with this. A LOT. This is where the magic is. Try different styles, different directives. The combination of your brief box along with tone of voice is what’s going to completely elevate the output you get from Jasper.

Keyword Research with Jasper

I know some of you may be reading this and thinking, “Yeah, but what about ranking? No keyword research or SEO?”

I do a VERY light version of KW research and on page optimization. Rather than doing a super in-depth optimization with Surfer SEO, I just stick to turning my RankMath plugin green in WordPress.

To choose my keyword, I use Jasper (surprise, surprise!) and have him brainstorm lots of keyword phrases for me. So for example, if I know this post will be about AI Writing, I’ll ask Jasper:

>create a list of alternative keywords people searching AI writing might use

Here is Jasper’s output: (I generate multiple times and pull out the ones I don’t like)

Content Writing AI

AI Essay Writer

AI content marketing

AI online marketing

AI digital marketing

AI copywriting

AI content writing

AI marketing copy

artificial intelligence writing

AI copywriter

computer-generated copywriting

Once I get a nice, long list – I copy paste it into Ahrefs and within minutes I can identify easy decent volume, low competition keywords.

(If you want a free way to search your keywords, check out Google Keyword Planner.)

On Page SEO Optimization with Jasper

I choose my keyword (just 1) and make sure it’s in the title, the first paragraph, alt text on a photo, etc. I optimize my headline, making sure to use a number when possible, power words, and check the length to see how it will display on Google.

For SEO, I use my RankMath plugin on WordPress to get my score into the 90s. I don’t spend the hours I do sometimes optimizing through SurferSEO.

The thought is that blog posts should constantly be updated anyhow – so let these posts get out into the wild, get indexed, and see what they start ranking for and then optimize later if it seems to be a good use of time. 🙂

I have posts that I spent hours optimizing only for them to rank for the weirdest things… so I do a mix of super optimized posts and other ones where it’s driven purely on creating great content, specific to my audience and let user intent take the Google ranking wheel.

Automated Blogging In 20 Minutes With Ai Writing Tool (2023) Automated Blogging
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Advice for Jasper Beginners

As many of you have likely seen me say (over and over) here in the group; Jasper has a learning curve. It will take you 1-2 months to really nail it down and be getting the most out of it. So, in the meantime:

  • Participate in the Facebook community; ask specific questions and use the search bar as chances are your issue has already been asked and answered!
  • Do Bootcamp (for the love of God, PLEASE do Bootcamp!). If you don’t have the patience to watch these 3-5 minute videos; you are going to struggle with Jasper.
  • Get Jasper Certified. Yes, it’s nice to have a fancy new title, but the real reason I recommend this is because it forces you to get hands on experience with all the templates, tools and features as you go through the certification.
  • Go to Jasper’s YouTube channel and look for all of Austin’s trainings. Yes, they run ~1 hour, but this was where I really started to learn how to wield commands most effectively.

If you’re feeling intimidated by how to use Jasper, don’t be!

This is a game-changing tool that is designed to make your life easier, not harder.

With a little bit of practice and some patience, you’ll be able to create high-quality content that is relevant to your audience in no time at all.

(And no, I don’t work for Jasper – just a big fan of his work. I spent more time creating this guide than I did writing my article. LOL.)

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Write 5x faster with artificial intelligenceJasper is the highest quality AI copywriting tool available with 3000+ 5-star reviews. Over 50+ templates available.

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I may earn a commission if you try it, love it + buy it.


I hope this article has been helpful in showing you some of the amazing features and capabilities that Jasper offers to bloggers and marketers.

If you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an efficient workflow with Jasper, sign up for Bootcamp here.

Happy writing!

If you’re a Jasper user and you struggle with maximizing how to use the tool – let me know what future tutorials you’d like to see here on my blog.


Frequently Asked Questions

Automated Blogging In 20 Minutes With Ai Writing Tool (2023) Automated Blogging

Can AI write a blog?

Yes, you can use AI to write a blog post, article, press release or other written content. And it’s easy, high quality, and fast.

Do I need to be a good writer?

No, you don’t need to be a great writer and no, you do not need advanced English skills. However, you will need to learn how to instruct and command Jasper (like the directions you give Alexa) to create content that is interesting, relevant and easy to read.

What do you use to edit the articles created by Jasper?

Jasper has integrated with Grammarly (at no extra cost to you), allowing you to edit your content directly from your workspace rather than having to jump between two programs.

Is the content Jasper produces plagiarized?

No, Jasper has read 10% of the internet and uses algorithms to choose one word at a time, based on the next best word. The output he creates is 99% plagiarism free and the software has been integrated with Copyscape, so you can verify directly within Jasper that your content is unique.

Is Jasper good for SEO?

Yes, Jasper is directly integrated with Surfer SEO, one of the leading SEO software programs on the market. You can optimize your posts directly within your Jasper workspace – allowing you to publish new content quickly and easily.

Is artificial intelligence such as Jasper going to put me (and other writers) out of business?

No. In fact, many of the other Jasper users I’ve met through the Facebook group are writers. Jasper breathes new life into evergreen content, allowing you to put more time and energy towards publishing on a more frequent basis without compromising the quality of your work.

Can Jasper rewrite my blog posts?

Yes, Jasper can rewrite your blog posts with a click of a button. He will produce natural sounding content that is relevant to the topic and optimized for SEO.

Does Jasper have a free trial?

Jasper offers a free 10,000 word trial package so you can try him before you buy him!

Does Jasper cost money?

Yes, packages start at $29/month. You can get a free trial with 10,000 free words to take Jasper for a test drive.

Is Jasper the same as Jarvis?

Yes, the company underwent a name change at the end of January 2022 due to legal concerns over the use of Disney’s rights to the name Jarvis. Same great software, new name.

This blog post was written with my AI writing assistant, Jasper.

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Automated Blogging In 20 Minutes With Ai Writing Tool (2023) Automated Blogging
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