This free blog (ericanall.com) is supported by affiliate links, which helps compensate me for the time and effort needed to create and maintain this site for our readers. This means if you click on a link or purchase an item recommended here, there might be some kind of compensation associated with that action.

I am dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality, most independent business and entrepreneurship product reviews and tutorials. My first concern will always be creating helpful content for our readers. I am not paid by vendors for the items we feature in our articles.

How Affiliate Links Work

Here’s how it works: When you click an affiliate link on one of our pages, the URL let’s them know you are a visitor from EricaNall.com. If you buy that item, I may earn a commission that helps pay for our time. (It doesn’t cost you any more—you’re still paying the same amount as if you went straight to the site. Consider it like leaving me a small tip for the helpful posts you enjoy.) I am very selective about the products I partner with (for example, JarvisSEO Surfer, or RelayThat) to provide you with low costs and a smooth purchasing experience.

We only link to items we believe can be genuinely beneficial to our readers.

Who We Link To

The vast majority of affiliate links on EricaNall.com will be direct agreements with the vendor (we also try to get you a great deal this way!).

Other affiliate links could include products from ClickBank, Commission Junction, and Amazon Affiliates as well as other linked sites where commissions can be earned if you click or make a purchase.

Our Affiliate Relationships

My articles are not influenced by affiliate relationships other than to make it easier for you, my awesome readers, to get the products you want at a great price. I only pursue affiliate links after I’ve chosen to highlight a product based on our research. This is also when I attempt to negotiate special discounts or offers for our readers with the vendor.

Paid Promotion

The only other type of sponsored advertising on our site is banner advertisements. The advertising may be displayed by a third-party ad network, such as AdSense, or directly purchased by a vendor. These are not endorsements from EricaNall.com. Paid advertising on our site may be viewed in the sidebar, as well as at the top, middle, and bottom of website pages.

Thank you

The most important asset I have is my reputation with you. I’ll continue to review and discuss products honestly and independently in order to assist you in finding the small business solutions for your needs.

Keep in mind that my opinion on what makes a useful or beneficial product may differ from yours, so please do your own research before making any purchases.

Thank you for your support, comments and clicks. You truly are the best.

Advertising Disclosures

If you have any questions about our affiliate links, please send an email to [email protected].

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